“Some painters paint the sun
like a yellow spot,
but others, thanks to their art,
transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Pablo Picasso

Dos del sul


So Dos del Sul was born, a “painting” I have imagined, dreamed and painted in my head and in my heart for years.
A painting I can finally see taking shape in all its colours, the sunlight bathing every corner of it. A painting tasting of hominess, kindness, sharing, hospitality and passion.

A refurbished country house, using and retrieving local materials like the stone, in absolute harmony with the environment and the little villages nearby.


The house has been home to farm families, who allotted part of the estate to the barn, the animal shelter and the shed.

It has been passed on to three generations within my family, up to me and my brother, who supported me, together with my mum and my aunts, in this extraordinary adventure.

My dream was indeed not to disrupt the house and its heritage in any way, but to give it a new flavour, always respectful of its own original nature.



And therefore, I devoted great care and attention to the part which is the comfort area, outdoors, with a little pool blending into the surroundings, with olive trees, fruit trees and rosemary bushes, the ivy and the lawn as well, never upsetting or overwhelming it.

Within it, a little waterfall, so that the sound of water can make the union with nature even more magic.
And just a few steps further a solarium made entirely of travertine.


Then, moving to the interior of the house, once more, tradition combined, in an unusual twist, with a passion for design and love for details, guided me in choosing the decor.

You thus enter a retro world, with old family’s furniture of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, mirrors from bygone times, doors used as headboards and, once again, the colour.

Each apartment has got in fact a strong and unique identity of its own, reflected in the hand-decorated tiles, the colour scheme for each one of them, from the wall paint to the fabrics.

il mio dipinto


Once I finished my painting, I needed to find a name that could depict it in a flash.
So I snooped through the old toponyms of the various localities of Roè Volciano, the village where the house is located.

Ancient names dating back centuries that have undergone transformations over time, names strongly tied to the local customes, to the families inhabiting those areas, and to their farming activities as well. And, as a result, respecting the rural tradition of this place, I wanted to pay homage to the sun that, caressing the house on each of its sides, from the early hours of the morning to dusk, is the element that characterises and represents it best.

Dos del Sul is, as a matter of fact, a dialectal expression which translates “hillock facing the sun”.
A sun which has led me over all these years to make this dream of mine come true, a sun that showed me the way and helped me not be disheartened in the hard times, when ahead of me there was a path all strewn with obstacles.


A challenge I hope to share with you all, when you cross the threshold of this house I wanted to open up to give it a new life.
A challenge with countless surprises and difficulties awaiting me but, above all, an opportunity to get to know people who, along with me, will enrich this place with a new history and a new tradition.
Because your suggestions, advice and opinions are going to be essential to me.

And I am sure this will be what it takes to go ahead and welcome you to my world that cannot wait to take shape with you and to be experienced by whoever will pop in and stay for just a few nights or maybe a bit longer to live and enjoy it to the fullest.


“In nature, light creates the colour.
In the picture, colour creates the light.”

Hans Hofmann


And with this idea in mind the apartments in the house were conceived. Each one of them painted in a unique and distinctive colour, each one with a strong identity of its own…