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The house is located in the little village of Volciano, one in the eight belonging to the municipality of Roè Volciano (BS), only 2 km away from Lake Garda.
A territory which, at the same time, encompasses a land of valley, lake and hill. The landscape is fascinating, featuring a natural morainic amphitheatre (named “Conca d’Oro”/”Golden Basin” after its gradual and gentle rolling down towards the lake) surrounded by sweet slopes.

The highest vantage point in the village provides a stunning overlook of Lake Garda and Gulf of Salò.
The presence of the lake mitigates the climate, allowing olive and vineyard cultivation and the growing of typical Mediterranean vegetation like laurel, oleander and rosemary, bougainvillea, agave and citrus as well.

The village has a very ancient origin, as shown by some prehistoric finds uncovered in the area. And many are the poets who, at different times, celebrated the beauty of these places:
from da Catullus to Dante and Goethe.


“…..si meravigliose creazioni della natura?”, Ghoete
“Suso in Italia bella giace un laco a piè de l’Alpe”, Dante
“con un solo girar d’occhi si vede tutto il mondo ridotto in una gioia”, Jacopo Bonfadio
“la valle lo rende asprigno, severo e ruvido. Le colline lo rendono vario, gradevole, ridente. Il lago lo rende dolce, grazioso, incantevole, ricco di luce e di colori”

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